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In PC, a printer processor or a printer driver is a part of the software on a system that transforms the data to be the printer to a format that the printer can understand. The use of printer drivers is to let applications to do the printing job without knowing the technical information of every printer model. Many people confuse Printer Drivers with a print spoiler that line up print jobs and send the list to a printer.

Without correct and up to dated Printer Drivers, it’s really hard to complete a print job. But, before downloading or clicking on an update link, make sure that the link you are using is authentic. For authentic products either visit the official website of your printer’s brand or connect with our experts. We provide authentic Printer Drivers products of all known brands include HP, Samsung, Apple, Windows and more. We deal with all printer drivers of all OS types as well.

Printer drivers in the different operating system

Basically, there are three types of operating systems that your famous brands use in your devices. However, there is also the fourth type that was used in older models of devices- AmigaIt still is in use but not a big scale like the other three. For example, Amiga OS is the ‘Nokia’ of the OS world, once ruled the world but now lost in memories of old days.

We provide authentic Printer Drivers of all operating systems which are the following mentioned below.

Unix and Unix-like

Unix and other Unix-like operating systems including OS X and Linux use CUPS ( Common Unix Printing System), a complex modular printing system for these PC operating systems that let a PC perform as a print server. A system with CUPS is acted like a host that can take print tasks from client PC, process tasks, and send them to a suitable printer system. Printer drivers are usually applied as filters. They are typically named as front end and the printer spoolers named as the back end.


DOS can be found in predefined character devices LPT1:, LPT2:, LPT3: and PRN: related with corresponding printers supported in your system. Likewise, serial printers can be used with COM1:, AUX:, COM3:, COM4:, and COM2:.

Commands like, “COPY file1 LPT1:” can be used for print content of a file to a printer. 


The world’s most used OS, Windows use GDI (Unidrv or PScript-based) or XPS (XPSDrv) as printer drivers. The program uses the same standard APIs to draw the picture as and text and both on paper and on-screen. Printers that use the technology of GDI natively are known as Winprinters and are though there is special software (for example PrintFil) which helps these printers to work in a DOS prompt within Windows. You can get original software like PrintFil through our dedicated helpdesk.

Printer drivers are typically located on the C: > Windows >System32 > DriverStore > FileRepository folder on a Windows device.

Types of Printers Drivers, We Deal With

To complete installation in a computer, it’s important for printers drivers being presented in printers’ embedded firmware and follow a networking protocol (e.g. IPP).

A printer’s embedded firmware could accordingly remove the requirement to install any driver on a device, by accepting data of print job in a general-purpose format such as PDF through a networking protocol. Based on their function, printers drivers can be classified as mentioned below ( you can get any type of printers easily through us).

Device-independent converters

These types of Printer Drivers can transform data of print tasks from one general-purpose format such as DVI and PDF to other general-purpose formats such as PS. Examples of these Printer Drivers include Ghostscript.

Converters to device-specific format

These types of Printer Drivers transform data of print from one format to a finishing device-specific format that a printer’s hardware can read and create a print. 

Examples of manufacturer-specific formats include:

  • PS:-(poscript) Adobe
  • Printer Command Language (PCL) (Hewlett-Packard)
  • Ink Jet Printer Data Stream (Kodak)
  • Ultra Fast Rendering (Canon)
  • Samsung Printer Language

Formats of Printers Drivers offer by us

Install-able printer drivers come in various packed formats. PPD is one of the most famous formats for printer drivers that accept PDF data or Postscript data as input. Because of the dominance of some OS, the operating system–driver interface is more famous than the driver–printer interfaces. 

Files like PostScript Printer Description typically the operating system require knowing the features of the printer. The PPD format files are a common way to supply the information. This format has the benefit of being system autonomous.

CUPS filter– This format of printers drivers is used by CUPS on Linux operating systems. 

Printers Drivers and famous brands

We offer assistance and authentic links of printers drivers of al famous brands such as windows, HP and Mac. 

Download printer drivers of Windows 10

Follow these instructions to download printers drivers.

  • Verify that your printer is on and connected to your computers.
  • Open Start – Settings  – Devices – Printers & scanners
  • Click on your printer’s name, and then select Remove device.
  • To reinstall your printer, choose to Add a printer or scanner and then click on your printer’s name. If the system doesn’t locate a new printer’s driver automatically after the printer is added, visit the device manufacturer’s official website and follow their instructions of installation.

Printer drivers for Mac

If you are using an older printer model that is not compatible with driverless technology, your Mac device might install the printer driver software automatically required to operate that device.

Many scanners and printers use the new driverless technologies such as IPP Everywhere or AirPrint, which don’t need any extra drivers on the Mac. However, some third-party drivers are still available for older models that require a printer or scanner driver. Always make sure that your software is up to date before connecting your device to the Mac for the first time.

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In PC, a printer processor or a printer driver is a part of the software on a system that transforms the data to be the printer to a format that the printer can understand.

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